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#MADpeople is a social movement that aims to inspire companies and professionals to become Purpose Driven Businesses. The #MADpeople community represents people who have "awakened from the matrix" and we are aware that consuming CAN NOT be the same as EXPLOITING other human beings or DESTROYING the planet.We believe in a new model of capitalism called "Conscious Capitalism". In which PEOPLE and our PLANET always comes before the CAPITAL interests. We do not have any problems with MONEY, it's great ... "but PEOPLE always comes FIRST". We are convinced that companies and professionals have full responsibility not only to provide VALUE with their products and services, but also to generate a positive impact on society. Build businesses that generate WELL-BEING for its stakeholders and not only profitability. We were born to inspire and encourage all #MADpeople to become #ChangeMakers. Because we are the generation of change! The generation that decided not to look any other way. Welcome to the revolution ... this has only just begun ... We are #MADpeople.

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